Code metric generator, counts lines, comments, white space in c

The following C project contains the C source code and C examples used for code metric generator, counts lines, comments, white space. Provides code metrics. Given a root dir, it recursively scans sub dirs and outputs the metrics for each .c, .cpp, and .h file. Stats are for lines of code, comments, and white space. Block comments are supported.

The source code and files included in this project are listed in the project files section, please make sure whether the listed source code meet your needs there.

Project Files: 

File NameSize
MassCodeLineCounter2.clw 257
MassCodeLineCounter2.cpp 10038
MassCodeLineCounter2.dsp 4476
MassCodeLineCounter2.dsw 563
MassCodeLineCounter2.h 368
MassCodeLineCounter2.ncb 41984
MassCodeLineCounter2.opt 53760
MassCodeLineCounter2.plg 1218
MassCodeLineCounter2.rc 1458
ReadMe.txt 1703
Resource.h 461
StdAfx.cpp 307
StdAfx.h 1106