// Hyperlink.h   -- Definition of CHyperlink class
// Ryan Lederman -- ryan@winprog.org

#ifndef _HYPERLINK_H
#define _HYPERLINK_H

#include "windows.h"
#include "tchar.h"

#define T(x) TEXT(x)

#define S_MOUSEOVER    0

typedef void (__cdecl* PHYPERLINKFN)( void* pVoid ); // Callback function

typedef struct {
HWND hWndParent; // Handle to parent window
int  ctlID; // Identifier used for control
int  coordX; // X axis coordinate of upper left corner
int  coordY; // Y axis coordinate of upper left corner
int  width; // Width of control, in pixels
int  height; // Height of control, in pixels
TCHAR *szFontName; // Face name of font used
int  fontsize; // Size of font
bool bBold; // Bold font?
bool bUnderline; // Underline font normally?
COLORREF clrText; // Foreground color (text color) of control
COLORREF clrHilite; // Highlighted color of text (mouse over, if enabled)
COLORREF clrBack; // Background color used (if applicable)
bool bUseBg; // Use background color, or just make control transparent?
bool bUseCursor; // Use custom curosr?
HCURSOR hCursor; // Handle to custom cursor, if used.
PHYPERLINKFN pFn; // Function pointer for function that is executed when user clicks
TCHAR *szCaption; // Caption

class CHyperlink {

public: // Public methods
bool Create( PHYPERLINKSTRUCT phs );
void Destroy();
private: // Private methods
static LRESULT CALLBACK HyperlinkProc( HWND hWnd, UINT msg, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam );
void OnDraw();
void OnMouseMove();
public: // Public members
HWND m_hWnd;

private: // Private members
HFONT m_hFont;
HBRUSH m_hBrushBackground;
HCURSOR m_hCursor;
HCURSOR m_hStockCursor;
COLORREF m_rgbForeground;
COLORREF m_rgbHighlight;
COLORREF m_rgbBackground;
bool         m_bUseBg;
bool m_bMouseOver;
bool m_bUseCursor;
TCHAR *m_szBuffer;
int m_iLastState;

#endif /* _HYPERLINK_H */

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