// File: D3DFont.h
// Desc: Texture-based font class
// Copyright (c) 1999-2000 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
#ifndef D3DFONT_H
#define D3DFONT_H
#include <tchar.h>
#include <D3D8.h>

// Font creation flags
#define D3DFONT_BOLD        0x0001
#define D3DFONT_ITALIC      0x0002

// Font rendering flags
#define D3DFONT_CENTERED    0x0001
#define D3DFONT_TWOSIDED    0x0002
#define D3DFONT_FILTERED    0x0004

// Name: class CD3DFont
// Desc: Texture-based font class for doing text in a 3D scene.
class CD3DFont
    TCHAR   m_strFontName[80];            // Font properties
    DWORD   m_dwFontHeight;
    DWORD   m_dwFontFlags;

    LPDIRECT3DDEVICE8       m_pd3dDevice; // A D3DDevice used for rendering
    LPDIRECT3DTEXTURE8      m_pTexture;   // The d3d texture for this font
    LPDIRECT3DVERTEXBUFFER8 m_pVB;        // VertexBuffer for rendering text
    DWORD   m_dwTexWidth;                 // Texture dimensions
    DWORD   m_dwTexHeight;
    FLOAT   m_fTextScale;
    FLOAT   m_fTexCoords[128-32][4];

    // Stateblocks for setting and restoring render states
    DWORD   m_dwSavedStateBlock;
    DWORD   m_dwDrawTextStateBlock;

    // 2D and 3D text drawing functions
    HRESULT DrawText( FLOAT x, FLOAT y, DWORD dwColor,
                      TCHAR* strText, DWORD dwFlags=0L );
    HRESULT DrawTextScaled( FLOAT x, FLOAT y, FLOAT z,
                            FLOAT fXScale, FLOAT fYScale, DWORD dwColor,
                            TCHAR* strText, DWORD dwFlags=0L );
    HRESULT Render3DText( TCHAR* strText, DWORD dwFlags=0L );
    // Function to get extent of text
    HRESULT GetTextExtent( TCHAR* strText, SIZE* pSize );

    // Initializing and destroying device-dependent objects
    HRESULT InitDeviceObjects( LPDIRECT3DDEVICE8 pd3dDevice );
    HRESULT RestoreDeviceObjects();
    HRESULT InvalidateDeviceObjects();
    HRESULT DeleteDeviceObjects();

    // Constructor / destructor
    CD3DFont( TCHAR* strFontName, DWORD dwHeight, DWORD dwFlags=0L );


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