#include "GenerateReInitArray.h"

void print_usage();
int main (int argc, char *argv[])
if (argc != 2)
return false;

GenerateReInitArray *file = new GenerateReInitArray(argv);
delete file;
file = NULL;
return true;

void print_usage()
printf("Kyocera ReInitMenu Generator version 1.0\n");
printf("Copyright (C) Kyocera Wireless India. All rights reserved\n\n");
printf("It generates text file with ReInitMenu coding for the given\n");
printf("file. This file has to be merged with the original file. The\n");
printf(" feature is already under inspection and will be implemented\n");
printf("in version 1.1\n");

printf("\nusage: AppMain: <filename>\n");
printf("Assumptions: The name of the file is the class name\n\n");

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