How to transform xml file in html with xslt in J2EE, JSP
I have used SAXON XSLT and XQuery Processor library
1)saxon9ee.jar 2)saxon9ee-qc.jar 3)saxon9-sql.jar

The Latest version you can download from
or from here

There are 3 xml files for testing purpose
1) result.xml having result information.
2) result_notfound.xml having no any result information.
3) TestSearchResult.xml having partial reslut information.

you can change xml file to see different html reslut.

In the xsl file I have used some basic function like count(),position(),and images also showing.

*To open this project use MyEclipse6.0 or later.

By: Amit gaur
11:18 AM 1/4/2010

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