A faculty book system in java

The following java project contains the java source code and java examples used for a faculty book system. Hi, this program is for my Java assignment.. this is a simple program which make use of JTable, MDI, text file, array, etc... if you like this program, pls vote me :D Just compile and run the program. javac FacultyBookList_Main java FacultyBookList_Main ZIP file updated with icons. (thks to Carl)

The source code and files included in this project are listed in the project files section, please make sure whether the listed source code meet your needs there.

Project Files: 

File NameSize
Book.txt 395
clsBookListEntry.java 1969
clsFileHdl.java 13655
clsTimerTime.java 1079
Course.txt 213
FacultyBook.txt 39
FacultyBookList_Main.java 21327
back.gif 914
books.gif 929
cancel.gif 917
copy.gif 104
courses.gif 935
delete.gif 938
FacultyBookList.jpg 14406
FacultyBookList_Abt.jpg 7141
fb.gif 1008
fbl.gif 926
find.gif 926
new.gif 949
next.gif 913
save.gif 927
jfrmAbout.java 2716
jfrmBook.java 12510
jfrmCourse.java 7681
jfrmFacultyBook.java 14989
jfrmFacultyBookList.java 6001
jfrmFind.java 5665
jfrmSplashScreen.java 925