Adaptive line enhancemment application in matlab

The following Matlab project contains the source code and Matlab examples used for adaptive line enhancemment application. %function [ALEstruct]=ale(f,fs,munoise,sigmanise,mulms,ncoef,dur) %function to perform adaptive line enhancement using LMS algorithm and an adaptive FIR filter %ALE concept enhances a single tone signal (frequency f) affected by white noise (mu,sigma) %REQUIRES FILTER DESIGN TOOLBOX, SIGNAL PROCESSING TOOLBOX %INPUTS %f: frequency of sinusoid %fs: sampling signal of sinusoid (At least 2f) %munoise, sigma: mean and variance of white noise %mulms, value of the step parameter in the LMS algorithm %ncoef: number of coefficients of the FIR filter %dur: simulation time in number of signal periods %OUTPUTS %ALEstruct: a structure with fields % .

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