Numerical Integration Matlab Code

The following matlab project contains the source code and matlab examples used for numerical integration.

The source code and files included in this project are listed in the project files section, please make sure whether the listed source code meet your needs there.

Project Files: 

Numerical double integration in matlab
Numerical integration gui in matlab
Numerical integration on an arbitrary grid in matlab
Gauss numerical integration in matlab
Trapezoid method for numeric integration in matlab
Simpsons method for numeric integration in matlab
4 variable function numerical integration in matlab
Mid point method for numerical integration in matlab
Composite trapezoid method for numeric integration in matlab
Composite simpsons method for numeric integration in matlab
Modified trapezoidal integration over specific limits of integration. in matlab
Numerical integration using guass hermite for normal kernel in matlab
Numerical integration with monte carlo method on fpga board in matlab
Composite mid point method for numeric integration in matlab
Numerical methods in matlab
Long time simulation for a rigid body in matlab
This function performs the numerical evaluation of an integral using the romberg method. in matlab
Fredholm integral equations in matlab
Composite simpson's rule, equally spaced points. in matlab
Gauss hermite quadrature rule in matlab
Newmark integrator function in matlab
Pwlint piecewise linear integration in matlab
Quadg quad2dg in matlab
Quad m;quadl m in matlab
Fast clenshaw curtis quadrature in matlab
Numerically evaluates a integral using a gauss quadrature. in matlab
Simpson's rule integration in matlab
Performs romberg quadrature. in matlab
Legende gauss radau nodes and weights in matlab
Integrate functions that have strong algebraic end point singularities over a finite, real interval. in matlab
Simpsons rule demonstration in matlab
Numerical integration of f(x,y) with flexible arguments for giving domain and method. in matlab
Gegenbauer gauss lobatto quadrature in matlab
Bulirsch stoer propagator integrator in matlab
Quadrature rules for spherical volume integrals in matlab
Integral tool in matlab
Gaussian quadrature for triangles in matlab
Non circular gears generation in matlab
Hermite quadrature in matlab
Calculates the integral of function f from a to b using ngp gauss points. in matlab
N dimensional trapezoidal integral in matlab
Legende gauss lobatto nodes and weights in matlab
Iterative adaptive simpson and lobatto quadrature in matlab