Geodetic transformations toolbox in matlab

The following Matlab project contains the source code and Matlab examples used for geodetic transformations toolbox. A set of functions to calculate coordinate transformations between different reference ellipsoids and different projections, including tools on: - transformation from cartesian to geographic coordinates and back - transformation from geographic coordinates to transverse mercator mapping or lambert conformal conical mapping and back - transformation from geographic to UTM and back which can handle irregular zones and pole mapping - 3D/2D/1D similarity transformation (Helmert transformation) - determination of the parameters of a 3D/2D/1D-Helmert transformation - applying residual corrections after performing a helmert transformation - reading and using NTv2 transformation parameters - 3D transformation between ITRS and ETRS frames - 3D/2D affine transformation and its parameter determination - 3D/2D to 2D projective transformation and its parameter determination - Molodensky transformation Some projections and ellipsoids are already defined in mat-Files.

The source code and files included in this project are listed in the project files section, please make sure whether the listed source code meet your needs there.

Project Files: 

File NameSize
Geodetic Transformations Toolbox - Examples and Background.pdf 647289
cart2ell.m 2420
Contents.m 6035
d1trafo.m 2747
d2affinetrafo.m 2844
d2projectivetrafo.m 3346
d2trafo.m 3002
d3affinetrafo.m 2977
d3projectivetrafo.m 2563
d3trafo.m 4401
deg2dms.m 1411
dms2deg.m 1969
ell2cart.m 2433
ell2lambertcc.m 4519
ell2tm.m 5938
ell2utm.m 11494
Ellipsoids.m 550
Ellipsoids.mat 1086
Geodetic Transformations Toolbox - Examples and Background.pdf 647755
helmert1d.m 5132
helmert2d.m 6073
helmert3d.m 13316
helmertaffine2d.m 4216
helmertaffine3d.m 4529
helmertprojective2d.m 4498
helmertprojective3d.m 4621
itrstrafo.m 8974
lambertcc2ell.m 4618
molodenskytrafo.m 5188
ntv2trafo.m 6928
Projections.m 4623
Projections.mat 2877
readntv2.m 6947
rescorr.m 5323
tm2ell.m 5126
Trafo_ITRF.m 1893
Trafo_ITRF.mat 978
Transformations.m 3513
Transformations.mat 934
utm2ell.m 11544
license.txt 1314