PACKAGE EMDOS : EMD by Optimization on Splines, 

Implements the OS method described in [1].

Contains 2 folders:
    - faux/ contains internal function used in the decomposition.
    - figfun/ contains functions which create all the figures of [1]

Contains 2 main functions
    - emdos is the main function for computing the EMD by the OS method. For use make 'help emdos'.
    - paperfig is a script that creates all the figure of [1].

This code needs the Spline Toolbox, which is included in the Curve Fitting Toolbox since version 7.11 of Matlab

  [1] T. Oberlin, S. Meignen and V. Perrier, "An Alternative Formulation
      for the Empirical Mode Decomposition", IEEE Trans. on Signal
      Prcessing, to appear.
  [2] N. Huang, Z. Shen, S. Long, M. Wu, H. Shih, Q. Zheng, N. Yen, C. Tung, and H. Liu, "The empirical mode decomposition
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Thomas Oberlin

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