Generation of 2d fractal trees in matlab

The following Matlab project contains the source code and Matlab examples used for generation of 2d fractal trees. % This function allow you to bild fractal trees % by using modified algorithms based on the so-called Kantor`s array % and method of inverse trace % These methods allow you to economise time and computer memory % considerably % It`s arguments: % Fraktal(n,r,phi,xb,yb) % n - number of iterations % r - scale factor % in case of nonuniform fractals where different scale-factors take % place, r may be vector (in this case the lengths of r and phi must be equal) % phi - vector of angles in fractal generator that are calculated % relative to the horizontal axis connecting end points of generator % xb and yb - coordinates of trunk % % For example for famous Pifagorus`s tree in it`s vertical position the call of this function is % so: % FraktalT(n,0.

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Project Files: 

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