Creates a lognormal distribution with desired mode (peak-value) . in matlab

The following Matlab project contains the source code and Matlab examples used for creates a lognormal distribution with desired mode (peak-value) . .  lognormal: creates lognormal distribution with desired mode (peak-value)  usage: lognormal(mode_log,sigma_n,n,plotit)  --- INPUT arguments: 'mode_log' ---> can be any positive value (is the most frequent value of the lognormal distribution -> the peak in the histogram) 'sigma_n' ---> standard deviation of the corresponding normal distribution --> CAUTION: it is not the standard deviation of the lognormal distribution, because it is a somewhat unuseful value for an asymmetric distribution 'n' ---> number of n-values the distribution should have 'plotit' ---> plot switch (0=no,1=yes) How it works:   1.

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