Scaled windowing function in matlab

The following Matlab project contains the source code and Matlab examples used for scaled windowing function. function to calculate window centered at the zero segment of outwind size WFUNC - windowing function from the list: 'barthannwin' 'bartlett' 'blackman' 'blackmanharris' 'bohmanwin' 'gausswin' 'hann' 'nuttallwin' 'parzenwin' 'triang' 'hamming' 'flattopwin' OUTWIND - length of the OUTPUT total window segment (padded with zeros if OUTWIND> INSIDEWIND or truncated INSIDEWIND if OUTWIND < INSIDEWIND INSIDEWIND - length of the windowing function centered in OUTWIND   EXAMPLE:          windd1 = partwind('flattopwin', 20, 60); windd2 = partwind('flattopwin', 60); windd3 = partwind('flattopwin', 90, 60); figure; plot(windd1, 'r.

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