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3d thin plate spline warping function in matlab
3d trapezoidal rule in matlab
3d trilinear interpolation using gpu in matlab
3d turbulent wind field by means of the mann model in matlab
3d turbulent wind for wind energy kaimal and improved von karman models in matlab
3d vector field simulator gui in matlab
3d visualization of density distribution in matlab
3d visualization of gmm learning via the em algorithm in matlab
3d visualization of sun, earth and moon in matlab
3d volume interpolation with ba interp3 fast interp3 replacement in matlab
3d volume visualization in matlab
3d voxelizer in matlab
3d waterfall plot demo in matlab
3rrr robot in matlab
3sa (spread spectrum simulation application) in matlab
4 d sobel edge detection in matlab
4 dimensional visualization in matlab
4 input karnaugh mapper in matlab
4 nearest neighbor on iris recognition using randomized partitioning. in matlab
4 qam modulation in matlab
4 variable function numerical integration in matlab
41 complete gui examples in matlab
4b 5b encoder line codificador de linea 4b 5b in matlab
4d data exploration in matlab
4d volume visualization in matlab
4d/3d image visualization and evaluation gui. in matlab
4rrr kinematics with gui and mouse support in matlab
4rrr parallel manipulator in matlab
5 ways to solve ivp odes in matlab
6 bar mechanism simulation and analysis in matlab
6 functions for generating artificial datasets in matlab
6713 dsk based karaoke machine in matlab
6th order pade derivative in matlab
6th order runge kutta ode in matlab
7 band parametric equalizer in matlab
7 multi objective problems (van valedhuizen's test suite) in matlab
7 ways of solving initial value problems of odes in matlab & simulink
7th guest germ game in matlab
8 psk with rs coding in rayleigh fading channel in matlab
8-connected neighborhood curvature of a digital elevation model in matlab
8-connected neighborhood gradient and aspect of a digital elevation model in matlab
802.11b 5.5 mbps complementary code keying simulation in matlab
802.11b phy simulink model
802.11b wifi cck simulation in matlab
802.11g wlan phy model in matlab
@activex\subsref & @activex\subsasgn in matlab
A pso (particle swarm optimization)program in matlab
A 32 point fft in embedded matlab using fixed point arithmetic
A 802.16d system (comments on english) in matlab
A 802.16d system in matlab
A baby trading system in matlab
A backward-compatible elaboration of the matlab toolbox function, uses 2d or 3d node positions.
A basic arithmetic calculator with transcendental functions and presicion control in matlab
A basic gui with some arithmetic and algebraic operators for calculation in matlab
A basic image adapter to write big tiff files. in matlab
A basic polar plot tool in db linear scale in matlab
A bayesian adaptive basis algorithm for single particle reconstruction in matlab
A benchmark problem for model based control system tests 001 in matlab
A benchmark software for multivariate statistical process control in matlab
A bfsk de modulator. in matlab
A bit more convenient way to reposition fields in a structure in matlab
A c mex function to find n largest number in a matrix in matlab
A calculator with a gui in matlab
A channel with fading in matlab
A christmas tree plot in matlab
A class for instrument control of a sutter mp-285 micromanipulator. in matlab
A class that exposes matlab subfunctions as public methods of the primary functions.
A code for solving non-linear optimization problems with matrix inequality constraints. in matlab
A collection of files capable of drawing a standard colored smith chart including labels and scales in matlab
A collection of fitting functions in matlab
A compact color picker in matlab
A complement tool and tutorial for nonlinear dynamic system linearization in matlab
A complete implementation of tabpanel for matlab
A container utility class to log values of various variables and messages from matlab code.
A convenience function to superimpose a polynomial fit to already plotted data in matlab
A corner detector based on global and local curvature properties in matlab
A cuckoo search algorithm for multimodal optimization in matlab
A cuda accelerated beam propagation method [bpm] solver using the parallel computing toolbox in matlab
A customized progress bar in matlab
A dialog box for login. in matlab
A dialog box for the user to select several items from a list of available items. in matlab
A dice roller for matlab
A different version of bench.m with additional options and output. in matlab
A direct search method instead of a coordinate descent iterative lmi algorithm in matlab
A fast and robust level set method for image segmentation using fuzzy clustering and lbm in matlab
A fast corner detector based on the chord to point distance accumulation technique in matlab
A fast image segmentation using delaunay triangulation (revisited) in matlab
A fast image segmentation using delaunay triangulation in matlab
A fast method of reading data from pdb files in matlab
A fast nchoosek alternative for engineers who like fast nchoosek alternatives in matlab
A fast solver of dense rectangular dense linear equations . (least squares or underdetermined). in matlab
A faster filter and filtfilt: speedup factor 2.5 to 25 in matlab
A faster way to computer a correlation matrix than corr in matlab
A few modulations in matlab
A few tools for tomographic reconstruction experiments. in matlab
A figure plugin class usable as keypress callback function. in matlab
A figure with sliders in matlab
A final exam problem in one of the courses in matlab
A flexible edf file loader for accessing header information and signal data. in matlab
A flexible slider creation tool, that allows for multiple slides along a single axis. in matlab


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