Exception handling

Time date handling in c

The following C project contains the C source code and C examples used for time & date handling. classes and functions to handle time and date databases include : the day number in year, the day in week for any date from 1/1/1900 and on , 12 operators to handle the object, 3 formats of printing the date-time object and more..

Square of a number using oop,swing and exception handling in java

The following java project contains the java source code and java examples used for square of a number using oop,swing and exception handling. A simple java program that using object oriented programming approach. If you have some questions send me an email at jakerpomperada@yahoo.com. My mobile number here in the Philippines is 09993969756. Thanks and Happy Programming Regards, Mr. Jake R. Pomperada,MAED - Instructional Technology

Lfo maker in matlab

The following Matlab project contains the source code and Matlab examples used for lfo maker. This m-file should be used with the environment Nova - Mod Tools for Signal Processing (alpha testing now), but you can use it stand - alone with no exception.
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