CopyFat 2.0: FileCopy Program in Visual Basic

The following Visual Basic project contains the source code and Visual Basic examples used for CopyFat 2.0: FileCopy Program. Based on principle of "Ignore the File I/O error and continue" (like ISO Buster) This is an updated version of the FileCopy program by Wipin which can now copy a complete directory on to another location using recursive functions.
The source code and files included in this project are listed in the project files section, please make sure whether the listed source code meet your needs there.

Project Files: 

File NameSize
CopyMod.bas 9775
FileCopy.PDM 3219
FileCopy.vbp 1276
FileCopy.vbw 133
Form1.frm 2761
Form1.frx 1867
MyForm.frm 14241
MyForm.frx 1090