Centered Text Generator for Message Boxes

Use this program to generate centered writing for using in
message boxes.

Characters in proportional fonts are not all the same width, so
centering lines in large text is not a simple matter. This
program makes it easy. Enter your desired text in the top text
box (which has the align property set to centered). All text
will be automatically centered.

Now, treat each line individually...

(1) Hold down F1 and left click at the beginning of each line.                      
(2) The line will appear in a text box below along with the   
     required number of spaces.

(3) After you have filled in the required text boxes, hit     
     "Test" to see a sample of the message box script.

(4) You can edit the script if you like, or...

(5) Click "COPY" to copy the finished script onto the         
     clipboard, for pasting into the program.
     Example:    SPACE(44) & "This is a test"

This code allows you to create up to six centered lines in
MsSansSerif 8 pitch font. You are free to modify it as much as
you like.

I have also included the PointingFinger cursor in this zip. It
is a close copy of the Internet Explorer pointing finger that
you might wish to use in some of your other projects.

Regards Bernie Madigan

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