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Visual Basic is a third-generation event-driven programming language and integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft for its COM programming model first released in 1991. Visual Basic is a very powerful programming language and has been widely used all over the world. Some useful Visual Basic projects are provided in this page, hope they can help the new developers to quickly grasp it.
ADO database connection in Visual Basic
ADO Example in Visual Basic
ADO Login Script in Visual Basic
ado nextrecordset method demonstration in visual basic
ado object demonstration in visual basic
ADO OpenSchema Method in Visual Basic
ADO Power in Visual Basic
ado utilities class version 2.0 in visual basic
ado, data report, and data environment demo in visual basic demonstration for source to read sql database in visual basic
ado/access 2000 vb code generator
ado/mts class. in visual basic
adobe acrobat automation with vb and windows api
adohelper: performs common and complex database tasks in visual basic
advancecryptography in visual basic
Advanced Access to MySQL in Visual Basic
Advanced Accounts & Inventry System in Visual Basic
Advanced Calculator in Visual Basic
Advanced Calculator in Visual Basic
advanced color functions with limited api usage in visual basic
Advanced ComboBox in Visual Basic
Advanced Database Search in Visual Basic
advanced file system api function encapsulator version 3.3 in visual basic
advanced form shaper dll in visual basic
advanced html interface application in visual basic
advanced line procedure with many options in visual basic
Advanced ListBox in Visual Basic
advanced multiply function in visual basic
Advanced Parallel Port in Visual Basic
advanced progress bar control in visual basic
advanced progress pie and bar in visual basic
Advanced Quadratic Grapher in Visual Basic
advanced selection tools (rectangular, elliptical, polygon, and more) in visual basic
advanced shell class and dll in visual basic
advanced snake game with many features in visual basic
Advanced System Task Bar Hider in Visual Basic
advanced task - places on your desktop. in visual basic
Advanced Taskbar in Visual Basic
Advanced TextBox in Visual Basic
advanced trackbar /slider control with mac style graphics in visual basic
Advanced Trigonometry Grapher in Visual Basic
advanced vb based toolbar control
Advanced Web Online Address Book in Visual Basic
advanced window manager in visual basic
advent: extended media player (audio+video multimedia player) in visual basic
AGCalendar in Visual Basic
age calculation in visual basic
Age Calculator in Visual Basic
agenda with address book and calendar in visual basic
AGLegend in Visual Basic
Ahmd Browser in Visual Basic
ai game and calendar generator in visual basic
Airline System Database V1.1 in Visual Basic
Airlines Management System in Visual Basic
alarm clock in visual basic
Alarm Clock in Visual Basic
Alarm System With 4 Versions in Visual Basic
alarm that displays reminder on the screen in visual basic
align flexgrid cells after adding a row or column in visual basic
align text on a command button in visual basic
all purpose file/directory/drive exists module in visual basic
all purpose utilities classes in visual basic
allow database manipulations on strings in visual basic
allow the user to dock, resize,,move, and toggle their visibility in visual basic
allow users to view a given web page only once in visual basic
allow your web site users to search
allows only one instance of your app (alternative method) in visual basic
Alpha Blending Test in Visual Basic
Alpha DIBs in Visual Basic
alphablending demo in visual basic
alter a string in a vb program for use in an sql statement
alter a string in an .asp page for use in an sql statement.
alternative to vb's shell function
Alumni Directory System in Visual Basic
amazing 3d: a game similar to doom in visual basic
Amazing Wankel Demo in Visual Basic
amazing3d: a game similar to doom (directx 7 version) in visual basic
Amazingly fun shooter game in Visual Basic
amortization calculator in visual basic
an a.i. take on tic-tac-toe in visual basic
an advanced blackjack game with cheats in visual basic
an all in one database programming module in visual basic
an analog clock in vb6 with an easy algorithm.
an anti aliased image rotation algorithm in visual basic
an asynchronous serial port terminal in .net in visual basic
an asynchronous, multithreaded nsocket tcp server in visual basic
an easy progressbar in visual basic
an employee payroll system in visual basic
an example of saving settings to the registry in visual basic
an html image map of the usa with .gifs included. in visual basic
an insertion sort algorithm in visual basic
an invasion game in visual basic
an istime() function for vb
an object-based programming example in visual basic
an old card trick in vb
an simple stopwatch form in visual basic
an xml-com+ replacement for the asp session object
analog clock 2 in visual basic
analog clock control in visual basic


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