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Visual Basic is a third-generation event-driven programming language and integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft for its COM programming model first released in 1991. Visual Basic is a very powerful programming language and has been widely used all over the world. Some useful Visual Basic projects are provided in this page, hope they can help the new developers to quickly grasp it.
Word Game in Visual Basic
Word Pad in Visual Basic
word processing application with customizable keyboard in visual basic
word scramble game - word puzzle in visual basic
word seach game/game creator in visual basic
word search game builder in visual basic
Wordpad in Visual Basic
WordPad in Visual Basic
WordPad in Visual Basic
wordpad like text editor. in visual basic
Wordwrap in Visual Basic
Wordwrap in Visual Basic
world currency conversion custom control in visual basic
Worm remover in Visual Basic
wrap text(with more than 1024 characters) in merged cells in excel sheet using vbscript/vba
wrapper class to build/display data in excel sheets in visual basic
write a binary value to the registry in visual basic
write a string value to the registry (
write a string value to the registry in visual basic
write entries to a log file in visual basic
write sound data to .wav files on disk in visual basic
write structure of sql database to word file in visual basic
write text to a file in asp
write text to the active titlebar in visual basic
write to the console using vb6
write to the event log in
write to the event viewer in visual basic
writing to a seqentail text file in visual basic
WYSIWYG Full HTML Editor MDI in Visual Basic
wysiwyg html editor and dhtml edit control demo in visual basic
x media lite: mp3 player with spectrum and dsp effects. in visual basic
x/y points extractor for the mapwindow class in visual basic
xcopy in vb version 2
xencrypt: encrypt files using blowfish encryption in visual basic
XenonPad in Visual Basic
XenonPad v1.1 (Improved) in Visual Basic
XeonWeb Web Browser in Visual Basic
xeyes - eyes that track cursor position (.net) in visual basic
xfiles: directx shooting game in visual basic
XForm in Visual Basic
xml and soap programming for biztalk servers: sample chapter in visual basic
XML Displayer in Visual Basic
xml file editor using ms-sax interface in visual basic
xml parser and builder in visual basic
xml parser written entirely in vb
XO Games in Visual Basic
xor de/encoding in visual basic
xor encryption function in visual basic
xor encryption. in visual basic
XP Button in Visual Basic
XP Calculator in Visual Basic
XP Calendar Control in Visual Basic
XP command button in Visual Basic
XP Cool ActiveX in Visual Basic
xp dvd player in visual basic
XP ProgressBar in Visual Basic
XP Style command buttons in Visual Basic
xp style status bar control in visual basic
XP Style Taskbar in Visual Basic
xp-style tab strip control in visual basic
xpAddressBook in Visual Basic
xps version of windows 2000's ctrl-alt-del in visual basic
XPSpinner in Visual Basic
XPStyle 2 module in Visual Basic
xpstyler add-in - add xp look and feel to your application on compile.. (beta 1) in visual basic
xsd schemas: sample chapter, professional sql server 2000 xml in visual basic
xslt stylesheet tester in visual basic
y2k self-test program in visual basic
Yachtz game in Visual Basic
Yam Explorer in Visual Basic
yet another way to check if a file or folder exists in visual basic
zap: simple, space invaders like game in visual basic
Zero Delimeter Converter in Visual Basic
Zip Code Search in Visual Basic
zip code validator in visual basic
Zoom In / Zoom Out Image in Visual Basic
zooms, scales an image in visual basic
[mmplayerx] in visual basic
[UPDATED] NChat network/internet chat application! in Visual Basic


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