ZipDater v1.4
Written by Kenneth Ives

Modification History
23-MAR-2001  1.0   Original program written
24-MAR-2001  1.1   Added more documentation.  Resized/arranged
                   screens.  Resized some of the routines into
                   several smaller ones.
26-MAR-2001  1.2   Modified and updated documentation on
                   clsFileDate.cls module
20-APR-2001  1.3   Added FSO property named Count and two events.
                   Now display the name of the file while the
                   count is updated.
22-APR-2001  1.4   Added more documentation.  Fixed a bug in the
                   file count display.  Added an OCXReadMe.txt file
                   to the OCX folder.

This application was created using Visual Basic 6.0.

I am using a freeware third party control named VBZip_Control.OCX
written by Richard Southey
(RichSoft Computing

Be sure to copy the \OCX\VBZip_Control.ocx file to your Windows
system directory.
    for Windows 9x, ME   - \Windows\System
    for Windows NT, 2000 - \Winnt\System32

Then register the OCX using regsvr32.exe (should somewhere in the
Windows directory).  After copying the files, select the desktop
START button, RUN, and enter the following, depending on your
operating system:
    regsvr32.exe c:\windows\system\vbzip_control.ocx


    regsvr32.exe c:\winnt\system32\vbzip_control.ocx

This program comes complete with source code.  Be sure to make a
reference to "Microsoft Script Runtime" (Scrrun.dll)

Have you ever downloaded a ZIP file only to have it display in explorer with
the download date.  Then when you open it, all the files are dated other
than the external date.  Of course you have and it is frustrating, 
especially when you think you are downloading an updated ZIP file.  That
is why I wrote this program.  At any one time, I must have 3-4 thousand zip
files in various corners of my hard drive.  Programs that look for duplicates,
only look at the external date (Last modified or Last Accessed).

This program will update the external file date/time stamp of zip files
based on one of four options:

    1.  Oldest date/time in the zip file
    2.  Newest date/time in the zip file
    3.  Current system date/time
    4.  Custom date/time as input by the user

You can process a whole drive or a folder and it's subfolders or just
select one or more files manually.

The program can be terminated immediately by clicking on the STOP
button or the EXIT button.  Any file in the process of being updated,
will be updated, and then the program will cease processing.

If you are ambitious, then read and study the code.  There are some good
snippets here.  If you find a better way of doing something with my code,
please let me know.  I am always open to suggestions.

Written by Kenneth Ives          

All of my routines have been compiled with VB6 Service Pack 4.
There are several locations on the web to obtain these

Whenever I use someone else's code, I will give them credit. 
This is my way of saying thank you for your efforts.  I would
appreciate the same consideration.

Read all of the documentation within this program.  It is very
informative.  Also, if you learn to document properly now, you
will not be scratching your head next year trying to figure out
exactly what you were programming today.  Been there, done that.

This software is FREEWARE. You may use it as you see fit for
your own projects but you may not re-sell the original or the
source code. If you redistribute it you must include this
disclaimer and all original copyright notices.

No warranty, expressed or implied, is given as to the use of this
program. Use at your own risk.

If you have any suggestions or questions, I'd be happy to
hear from you.

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