One Click Screen Grab from Icon in Taskbar Tray

Intel's ijl15.dll must be located in your windows\system directory. The dll is available from:

Microsoft's ITMalloc.tlb file that is included in the zip file must be copied to your windows\system directory (If you do not already have them there.) A reference to the
ITMalloc.tlb must be made in the project file. (In VB6, it is under Project,References)

Click the Icon in the tray.

The Screen image is placed in the Picture property of the form.

A click and drag (Cross Hair cursor using Shape control) clips the image to a PictureClip control.

The clipped image is placed back into the form picture property.

Screen Grab is saved to the desktop in jpg format with a unique name in the form
'Screen Grab n.jpg' where n is an integer and the program is available for another grab.

The program can be exited by right clicking the tray icon and using the popup menu option.

Project Homepage: