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Visual Basic is a third-generation event-driven programming language and integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft for its COM programming model first released in 1991. Visual Basic is a very powerful programming language and has been widely used all over the world. Some useful Visual Basic projects are provided in this page, hope they can help the new developers to quickly grasp it.
collect user information from installations in visual basic
College Management System in Visual Basic
College Payroll in Visual Basic
color changer in Visual Basic
color chooser in visual basic
Color Coding in Visual Basic
color gradient over a form - no api call in visual basic
color guide for vb applications
Color Mixing in Visual Basic
Color overlay and trace a picture in Visual Basic
color picker controls in visual basic
Color Picker in Visual Basic
color scroll bars in visual basic
color syntax control with article in visual basic
Color Test in Visual Basic
color tools: color picker and color value slider in visual basic
color-code html the lazy way in visual basic
color/font code viewer,selector, and builder in visual basic
colored lights in visual basic
colorful screen saver in visual basic
colorful tunnel effect for forms in visual basic
colorful, full screen pattern in visual basic
Colour Picker in Visual Basic
Colour Tools in Visual Basic
column letter equivalent of column number in excel in visual basic
com+ object constructor strings: demonstration in visual basic
combine files in visual basic
combine two pictures transparently in visual basic
combined ui for internet apps (web browser, ftp, chat and more) in visual basic
Command Button (Lights Up) in Visual Basic
command button that automatically generates querys or perform validation on click in visual basic
command button with mouseovercolor property in visual basic
Command Line Parameters in VB 6 in Visual Basic
command-line file codec sample using algorithm by original author of zip in visual basic
common dialog control demo for beginners in visual basic
commondialog control replacement. in visual basic
communicate with another instance of the same program. ( previnstance handler ) in visual basic
communicate with commercial t7 credit card machine in visual basic
Communicate with prev instance of app in Visual Basic
compact access database using ado in visual basic
compact an access database in visual basic
compact and repair a user level secured access database in visual basic
compact/repair access database utility in visual basic
Company and Pharmacy in Visual Basic
Company And Pharmacy Record Version 2.0.0 in Visual Basic
Company Database Management System in Visual Basic
Company Management System in Visual Basic
Compare Contents of Two Folders in Visual Basic
compare dates to determine which one is later in visual basic
compare file versions in visual basic
compare two files in visual basic
compare two files to determine if they are identical in visual basic
compare two time values to determine which is earlier in visual basic
compare vb forms
complete asp data driven web site -- version 2.0
complete asp shopping cart for sql & access
Complete Grading System in Visual Basic
complete im client in visual basic
Complete list of Visual Basic commands in Visual Basic
Complete MP3 Player in Visual Basic
Complete prime number project in Visual Basic
Complete Professional Logon in Visual Basic
Complete Software for Library Management System in Visual Basic
complete square: computerized version of connect the dots game in visual basic
complete system tray icon application in visual basic
Complete Telephone Dial Project in Visual Basic
complete text editor based on textpad in visual basic
complete ui for sending email in visual basic
complete usenet posting application in visual basic
complete visual basic web site
complete year ctrl in visual basic
component for sorting/processing recordset hierarchies in visual basic
Compound Interest Calculator in Visual Basic
comprehensive conversion application in visual basic
comprehensive graphics programming tutorials with examples in visual basic
compress and decompress strings in visual basic
compute crc checksum in visual basic
compute crc cheksum used in ip protocol in visual basic
compute geodesic distance between earth surface coordinates in visual basic
Computer Institute Information System in Visual Basic
Computer Management in Visual Basic
computer viewer/verifier for windows nt/2000 in visual basic
Computerized Enrollment System Version 1 in Visual Basic
Computerized Examination in Visual Basic
computerized examination in visual basic
COMSSO Registration System in Visual Basic
concentration game (and illustration of how to implement shareware) in visual basic
configuration file module using privateprofile winapi functions in visual basic
connect 4 game (human vs. computer) in visual basic
connect and retrieve data in oracle with
Connect Database in the simplest way in Visual Basic
connect oracle in visual basic
connect to a secure access database using ado in visual basic
connect to an http server via winsock in visual basic
connect to an oracle db using ado in visual basic
Connecting ORACLE with VB in Visual Basic
conspiracy generator in visual basic
Construction Company Managing Program in Visual Basic
Contact Management System in Visual Basic
Contact Manager in Visual Basic


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